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Collect Calls, Third Party Billing, and Special Area Codes | Phone | Residential Support | Verizon

...You cannot use Third Party Calling or call numbers that use a 700, 900, or 976 area code. See also: Related FiOS Digital Voice topics SeeAlsoLinks=42369 Contact Us Sign in for personalized, convenient support What's this? Did you know? Many equipment problems can be...

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No Title

...associated with dialing 1-Area Code-555-1212 for your home. Directory Assistance refers to a customer originated Long Distance Directory Assistance call placed to 1-AREA CODE-555-1212, where the Area Code dialed is not within the customer's local calling area. When a customer uses...

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Star Codes | Phone | Residential Support | Verizon

How to activate or deactivate a calling feature: landline phone, copper-wire phone, home phone.

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Calling Features - Phone System Features

Verizon offers phone calling features packed with privacy, control and convenience - FiOS calling features caller ID Block, call forward and more.

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Optional Features - FiOS Digital Voice | Phone | Residential Support | Verizon

...If the Area Code I select for FiOS Digital Voice is different from my home number area code, will I pay long distance charges for calls placed from my FiOS Voice phone? Return to FiOS Digital Phone topics What is a Virtual Telephone Number? A FiOS Digital Voice Virtual Telephone Number is a...

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Local Business Office

...New York YOUR AREA CODE + 890-1550(DOWNSTATE) YOUR AREA CODE + 890-7100(UPSTATE) YOUR AREA CODE + 890-2005(Centro Hispano de Verizon) 890-1590(Chinese) 890-1766(Korean) 890-1755(Russian) Pennsylvania fBA 1 800-660-2215 1 800-479-0305(Centro Hispano de Verizon) Pennsylvania...

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How to Use Speed Dialing | Phone | Residential Support | Verizon

...your dialing codes list at any time. This product is no longer available to new customers. Customers in MA, RI, CT, DC, DE, NJ, NY, PA, and VA who currently subscribe to the product and remove it will not be able to re-order. Setting up your Speed Dialing 8 dialing code list Lift your...

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FiOS Digital Voice Virtual Telephone Number | Phone | Residential Support | Verizon

...Numbers can be used only for incoming calls to your Main FiOS Digital Voice telephone number. Therefore, someone located in the same local calling area as your Alternate Number will only pay for a Local call when calling your Alternate Telephone Number. Ordering a Virtual or Alternate...

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Fraud and Scam Alerts Under the scam, you might receive an email, page, or cell-phone text message urgently asking you to call someone in the "809" area code or some other area code that you normally don't call. If you make the call, you may be unwittingly dialing into an expensive overseas pay-per-call...

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