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Lifeline Discount Program | Phone | Residential Support | Verizon

Lifeline is a federal assistance program that offers telephone discounts to qualified low-income customers.

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Calling Features - Phone System Features

Verizon offers phone calling features packed with privacy, control and convenience - FiOS calling features caller ID Block, call forward and more.

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Billing Glossary | Phone | Residential | Verizon

Taxes and fees differ by location and the services on your account. Some taxes and fees are required to be billed and Verizon acts as the collection agent while other taxes and fees are imposed on Verizon and allowed to be surcharged. This Glossary is applicable for High Speed Internet (HSI),...

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About You - Privacy Policy - Ohio Privacy Rights

...low income consumer, or are currently receiving assistance (such as HEAP, food stamps, etc.) from government agencies, you may be eligible for a discount on your basic local service, a waiver of service establishment fees and deposit, and/or a special payment plan. If you are interested in...

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Verizon in New Jersey - Senior Corner

...Verizon makes residential telephone service more affordable in New Jersey by offering Lifeline Service for qualified, low-income customers. Learn more Innovations in Wireless Technology Help America's Senior Citizens As seniors continue to adopt wireless technology to...

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Verizon Communications | 2011 Annual Report

...Note 14 - Comprehensive Income Note 15 - Additional Financial Information Note 16 - Commitments and Contingencies Note 17 - Quarterly Financial Information (Unaudited) Proxy Letter to Shareholders Notice of Annual Meeting ofShareholders Annual Meeting Information Voting...

Verizon Communications | 2010 Annual Report

...of their choice on the LTE network we are deploying on that spectrum, including those obtained from sources other than us or our distributors or dealers, subject to certain technical limitations established by us. Verizon Wireless holds the C Block 700 MHz licenses covering the entire United...

Verizon Communications | 2008 Annual Report expense. Significant benefit plan assumptions, including the discount rate used, the long-term rate of return on plan assets and health care trend rates are periodically updated and impact the amount of benefit plan income, expense, assets and obligations. A sensitivity analysis of the...

Verizon Communications | 2008 Annual Report

...and cash flow information is available. Step one compares the fair value of the reporting unit (calculated using a market approach and a discounted cash flow method) to its carrying value. If the carrying value exceeds the fair value, there is a potential impairment and step two must be...

Verizon's 2005 Interactive Annual Report: Management's Discussion and Analysis of Results of Operations and Financial Condition

...million and lower costs at Domestic Telecom associated with workforce reductions and by lower bad debt expense, partially offset by cost increases at Domestic Wireless and Domestic Telecom. Special charges related to severance, pension and benefits were $4,607 million lower in 2004 compared...


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