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FiOS TV | Compare FiOS TV to Cable TV Providers

See how FiOS TV compares to cable TV. Verizon FiOS TV offers hundreds of channels and an unparallel all-digital TV experience.

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National Football League (NFL) Blackouts | FiOS TV | Residential Support | Verizon

...NBC – Sunday Night Football (National) ESPN – Monday Night Football (National) NFL Network - Thursday Night & Saturday Night (National) Typically Thursday night and Saturday night games air later in the NFL season. Sunday Regional Games No regional home game can be televised locally if it...

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Apps, Mobile, TV, Partner | Verizon

Verizon download apps to their Mobile or even to their TV! Plus, download your free partner apps HBO Go !

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My Verizon Email - Verizon News and TV | MyVerizon

Login to your email, get the latest news stories, then login to watch your favorite TV Shows and Movies Online anywhere!

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Live TV Wherever You Are

Thursday nights are killer! There’s just TOO MUCH good TV. And with Thursday Night Football back, it can sometimes be days before I can catch up on my other guilty pleasures. Those days are over!

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NFL RedZone Scores Points With Football Fans; Sunday Games Kick-Off This Weekend

Do you have Joe Flacco on your fantasy football team? If so, that means you want to know the instant he has his Ravens flying into the red zone. Gridiron glory from the National Football League returns in full this Sunday and so too does one of the most entertaining ways to keep track of the...

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Content Policies for Verizon Networks | Verizon Corporate Responsibility

...does not satisfy the above guidelines may be published if it is included in the context of artistic, educational, medical, news, scientific, or sports material. Content in this category is subject to the Verizon Advertising Guidelines below and must also comply with applicable industry...

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National Football League Blackouts | TV | Small Business Support | Verizon

The local and cable channels who currently own TV rights to air NFL games are:CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network.Sunday Regional Games, National Games, Game Time Changes


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