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Verizon My Rewards Plus - FiOS Loyalty Rewards Program | Verizon

As a Verizon customer, we appreciate all you do, we created the Verizon My Rewards+ program to show our thanks, which rewards you for the things you do every day

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FiOS TV | Compare FiOS TV to Cable TV Providers

See how FiOS TV compares to cable TV. Verizon FiOS TV offers hundreds of channels and an unparallel all-digital TV experience.

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Shop Verizon Deals & Compare | TV, Internet, Phone

Shop and compare Verizon’s fastest internet service and TV. Get deals and best available prices.

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Return unneeded FiOS TV equipment

...Request a return box and prepaid shipping label by signing in to My Verizon and clicking on Account. Scroll down the right column to the Account Actions section and select the TV tab. Select Add/Return Equipment and follow the onscreen steps to request a return box. You will receive a...

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FiOS Quantum TV | FiOS TV | Residential Support | Verizon

What is FiOS Quantum TV Service and How is it different from FiOS TV service? - FiOS Quantum TV is Verizon’s latest best service offering. With FiOS Quantum TV Service you get access to our new Recording and Storage DVR Service Tiers. These services offer more recording flexibility and more storage

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New FiOS Offer Gives Peace of Mind With Two-Year Price Guarantee

Count off all the things you buy in the course of a normal month. Now, imagine what you think the cost of those items will be two years from today. Your Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee? Gas for your vehicle? Your airline ticket? Your favorite sandwich/soup meal combo? Ticket to a professional...

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Playing the FiOS Treasure Hunt Online Could Win You $100

Anyone who has ever wondered why and how FiOS provides the best home entertainment solutions can now experience it first hand by playing the “A Day with FiOS” treasure hunt game online.

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MY FiOS App Offers Second-screen Experience for MTV Movie Awards

FiOS, MY FiOS App, Verizon, MTV, mobile, MTV Movie Awards

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Honoring Customer Loyalty With My Rewards+

You’ve heard the saying “hard work really does pay off.” Well, so does loyalty and our new My Rewards+ program is designed to thank you for your business and provide access to some very nice goodies simply for being a Verizon customer. As someone who loves to interact with brands, whether it’s...

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Prepaid Card International Calls | Verizon

...your Card Features & Benefits Add Time to Your Card PINless Dialing Speed Dial Additional Features Golden Retriever Prepaid Card International Calls Can I make International calls with my Verizon Prepaid Long Distance Phone Card? Most Verizon Prepaid Long Distance Phone Cards...


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