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FiOS TV Support - Parental / Purchase Controls | Verizon

FiOS TV Parental Controls let you block inappropriate content and safeguard purchases made with your remote control.

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How to Reset your FiOS Router to Defaults

Verizon QuickGuides - How to Reset your FiOS Router to Defaults

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FiOS TV Support - FiOS Quantum TV | Verizon

What is FiOS Quantum TV Service and How is it different from FiOS TV service?

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Residential Support

You've recently received a replacement. It looks like you've received the Philips RC_1445302 remote from Verizon. Is this the remote you would like help setting up? Philips RC_1445302 You've recently received a replacement. It looks like you've received the Philips 265 remote from Verizon....

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Why can't I order an On Demand or Pay Per View program? | FiOS TV | Residential Support | Verizon

...Your PIN needs to be reset. There is a billing issue with your account preventing you from ordering non-free On Demand or PPV content. You are attempting to watch an On Demand program from a premium channel in which you are not a current subscriber. To get your PIN reset or to...

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Resetting Your Voice Mail Passcode - FiOS Digital Voice | Phone | Residential Support | Verizon

...To reset your Voice Mail Passcode using your FiOS DigitalVoice Phone: Lift your handset and dial 1- 888-2FIOSVM (1-888-234-6786). Enter your Passcode when prompted followed by a pound sign (#). Press 4 for Personal Options. Press 1 for Personal Profile. Press 1 to Change Passcode. Enter...

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Setting Up Call Intercept | Phone | Residential Support | Verizon

...Forgotten PIN or Override Code You can call toll-free 1-800-527-7070 to retrieve your Override Code. Call 1-800-435-7986 (1-877-611-7607 Spanish) to have your PIN reset. Turning Call Intercept on or off Call toll-free 1-800-527-7070 to turn Call Intercept on or off. Adding or removing numbers...

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Apps, Mobile, TV, Partner | Verizon

Verizon download apps to their Mobile or even to their TV! Plus, download your free partner apps HBO Go !

More in: Residential

Using Your FiOS Digital Voice Service | Phone | Residential Support | Verizon

How do I place calls and what are the calling features of FiOS Digital Voice?

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