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Wireless: Shop for phones or find a plan that's right for you. Learn More.

Digital Voice - Home Phone Service Providers | Verizon

Learn more about FiOS digital voice home phone service. Crystal clear voice quality from our 100% fiber-optic network.

More in: Residential, Products

Set up Wi-Fi on your devices - Verizon Troubleshooter

You can automatically setup your Mac or PC to connect to your wireless network, or you can retrieve your wireless settings to easily configure any device to the ...

More in: Residential, Support

Home Phone Plans | Verizon

Verizon offers a variety of home phone plans to suit you. Find international or nationwide calling plans.

More in: Residential, Products

Analog vs Digital - How Digital Phone Works | Verizon

How does your analog phone service compare to digital phone service? Verizon's Fiber Optic technology offers gives you HD-quality communication.

More in: Residential, Products

International Calling & International Calls | Home Phone Service | Verizon

Learn more about Verizon home phone international calling service and save on international calls.

More in: Residential, Products

Calling Features - Phone System Features

Verizon offers phone calling features packed with privacy, control and convenience - FiOS calling features caller ID Block, call forward and more.

More in: Residential, Products

Broadband (DSL) Internet Service, Cable TV (Digital TV, HDTV) & Home Phone Service Provider

Learn more about international calling rates available at your location.

More in: Residential, Products

Verizon Freedom Essentials Phone Plans | Verizon

With Verizon Freedom Essentials you can enjoy unlimited local and regional calling as well as nationwide calling.

More in: Residential, Products

Connecting an Xbox 360 to a Wireless Home Network | FiOS Internet | Residential Support | Verizon

Connecting an Xbox 360 to a Wireless Home Network. Step-by-step instructions for connecting your Xbox wirelessly to your FiOS internet router.

More in: Residential, Support

Registering your mobile phone to control your Set-Top Box or DVR FiOS TV | Residential Help | Verizon

For FiOS Mobile Remote to work, you must register your mobile device with your FiOS TV HD DVR or HD Set-Top Box.

More in: Residential, Support

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